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One of the positives of running a shop and spending time behind the counter is meeting so many different people and being a small concern we usually have time for a chat and a laugh with our customers. Young, old,school kids, workers, resting or retired they share an interesting mix of ideas and experiences.  Occasionally we get someone through the door who is less than welcome.

Today in Boroughbridge is “Plot to Plate” day. The allotment society has arrange various displays,stalls and a scarecrow trail to attract visitors to the town.

Just after 8.00am this morning a rather scruffy, unshaven man limped into the shop. He appeared to be tipsy and asked if we could do him a favour? His voice was slurred but eventually we realised that he had a plaster cast on his leg and he was asking us to remove it for him. My husband told him, tongue in cheek, that we couldn’t help as we didn’t have the tools but suggested he tried the hardware shop across the road or the butcher next door. Shortly after the guy had left the shop hubby went to the door to check he’d got over the road and called to me that the man was being helped off the ground outside the post office.This turned out to be incorrect, it was the postmaster putting up his scarecrow!

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