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The mail today included a letter informing me that I can’t have my state pension until 2018. I knew this was happening but it is stillĀ  irritating that an incompetent Chancellor then Prime Minister can” steal” thousandsĀ of pounds from me and many others and then swanny off into the sunset charging large fees to lecture people about money management. This is the man who sold of our gold reserves at a rock bottom price.

He is not alone. Successive governments have wasted money on crackpot schemes, bringing in new legislation that prevents hard working people getting ahead whilst rewarding layabouts and scroungers. The people making the decisions seem to have no grasp of real life and make you wonder if they have ever held down a proper job where they are personally responsible for the outcome of their actions.

Going back to the pension I wouldn’t be surprised if by 2017 I get a letter saying pensions have gone the same way as the dinosaurs and taken my NI contributions with them. Lets hope the National Health Service doesn’t become extinct also.

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