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I don’t make new year resolutions as they would only get broken. Instead, in the first few days of the new year I reflect on the old one, try to work out what was wrong with it and how to avoid the same old mistakes. Positive thinking may be the answer and it is what I’m aiming at this year.

As a child I used to read the Pollyanna books about an orphan who goes to live with a stern aunt and teaches the whole community her game, which is to find something good or positive in everything.

Take the other day, I was weighing out sweets for a customer and the bottom of the bag gave way. No problem, these were wrapped sweets. The customer before had wanted bubblegum millions, unwrapped tiny balls of candy,they would had been all over the shop if their bag had been defective.

The shop is very quiet at the moment for various reasons, cold weather, post Christmas lack of cash,economic situation created by bankers.  When we first opened the shop it was quiet so I painted in the afternoon but the last few years its been far too busy and I’ve hardly picked up a brush. I was concerned that it would take some time getting back into it but no, so far I’ve painted three dogs on a beach for a customer and a portrait of my sisters’ horse. I have started a landscape of Robin Hoods Bay which should be finished by the end of the week.

So I have turned a negative situation, the lack of footfall in the shop ,into a positive one  rediscovering the joy of watercolour painting.

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