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Great news in the Daily Mail today. Sean Poulter, Consumer Affairs Editor, tells us that Nestle are the first major confectioner to remove artificial colours, flavours and preservatives from its whole range. they have changed the recipes of 79 products, the last being Nestle Crunch Bar. The article states that more than 80 ingredients in total have been replaced with alternatives, mostly from natural sources such as carrot, radish and lemon.

The Daily Mail ,back in 2005 ,were concerned about artificial colours in Smarties that could cause hyperactivity in children. The paper launched its “Ban The Additive” Campaign in 2007.after research shown normal healthy children fed on additives commonly found in sweets, fizzy drinks and cakes became hyperactive.

Well done the Daily Mail.  (See page 9 of today’s Daily Mail for full article)

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