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These delicious chewy, fruity sour sweets are all the rage. Once you taste one you have just got to have another. Kids are sending their parents in for the small blue round candy. They are flying out of the shop and are now available on the website. Don’t miss out try them today.Sour Blue Raspberry Bon Bons

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Plant Rescue

On Sunday we went to a well known DIY store for a browse. In the gardening section there was a collection of very sad plants  hoping to be rescued. It was like being at an animal rescue centre. You would love to take them all home but have to be strong. In the end we got a tumbling tomato plant, a bushy tomato plant and some parsley all for  less than £2.70p. They had a good feed as soon as we got home and have already picked up. If anyone needed to stock up on plants or was starting a new garden it is a good time to do it cheaply.

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